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In today’s progressive world, people constantly search for new ways for self-improvement. Dr. Richard Bush has effectively taken an established approach and refined it for an on-line counseling process. A place where you can receive positive guidance and direction without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

Many times, we find that issues surface when we are in the middle of a busy day at home or work. Now, with the help of on-line counseling, you have the ability to immediately access an individual who can help you sort through the issues and find the answers that you need. Answers that can help you make decisions immediately without having to wait hours, or days, for that “next available” appointment at the “Doctors’ office”.

Guidance Counseling
Many times, we just need to talk with someone who is outside of our current situation, who can help us to look at a problem or issue in another perspective. To look beyond what we have examined and to open our eyes to another way.  This process can be that way.  Many times the simple process of obtaining another individuals viewpoint on the topic, opens the mind to explore new options.  And that's what it is all about-----options!  Life is too short to settle with being unhappy.  It is too short to simply accept that things "will not get any better."  They can get better, but you have to want that to happen.  You have to make that happen.  Through counseling, positive visual imagery, hypnosis and the overall power of positive thinking, they can and they will, but you need to make the effort and reach out.

Unique Ability
The unique ability of Dr. Bush to tailor his professional counseling approach to the individual needs of his patients, results in successful change, which occurs quickly and easily.  Dr. Bush maintains a focus on the positive aspects of what is going on in life.  His philosophy is based on the "Power of Positive Thinking" and how you can benefit from it.  Too often, we all tend to dwell on the constant barrage of negativity that we are continually confronted with on a daily basis.  Though it impacts our lives, we need to develop a new and more effective way of dealing with those issues.  The approach that Dr. Bush has refined can help you accomplish just that.  You could be surprised to see how quickly and easily you can make changes in how you think and how you feel, just by sending and e-mail.




“I visited with Richard for stress related problems and feel that he definitely gave me the help I was seeking. Other members of my family have also experienced a positive reaction to their visits with him. We have recommended him to numerous friends.”
Patricia Larch

“I lost 50 pounds and stopped smoking after 23 years. I gained a more positive attitude toward exercise and have maintained the weight loss for over 3 years and run distances never thought possible before my work with Richard. Dealing with the stress of work was monumental in my overall attitude change.”
Jerry Mider

“I find it difficult not to be impressed and enthusiastic about an approach that allows the patient an alternative to the heavy medication that was the only choice for relief of pain in the past.”
Anthony K. Oexman, D.D.S.

“After 25 years of no hope for a cure of extremely violent headaches, I can now prevent 90% of them with no prescriptive medication, nor injections. My general attitude and my sleep pattern have greatly improved. Dr. Bush has certainly helped me to control my mind, so it can reopen to the world of interests.”
Jean M. Fatina

“I would highly recommend Dr. Bush's on line approach to anyone. He has been there to help me several times, when the stress of my job and dealings with subordinates was causing me excessive stress and concern.”
Craig Windowmacher

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